Can Dağarslanı & Sophie Bogdan

Architect & photographer Can Dağarslanı, born in 1984, and actress & model Sophie Bogdan, born in 1987, collaborated for the first time in 2014 for the “Identities” series, which was also exhibited at the Mamut Art Project. They have been creating together since then and are currently living in Berlin. Many of the duo’s works were exhibited in various cities, especially in New York, Milan, Seoul and Istanbul. Their work is a fusion of architecture and photography with a strong focus on (a)symmetry, distinctive color codes and subtly expressive scenes in silently quirky, spacious settings. The duo challenges their viewers with photographs that reflect their uniquely refined perspective.

Dağarslanı and Bogdan are inspired by their interest in people’s perceptions and illusions. In the exhibition Mamut Limited Vol. 1, they greet the audience with photographs of warm and colorful shadows.



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