Cihan Bacak & İsmet Köroğlu

Cihan Bacak (b. 1986) embarked on his photographic journey after graduating in Italian Philology from Ankara University in 2017. With a unique perspective, Bacak melds fashion design and contemporary dance elements in his work, infused with a queer sensibility. His photographs have been featured in esteemed publications such as Forbes (USA), CAP 74024 (Italy), Kaltblut! (Germany), and FGUK (UK), and they have graced exhibitions across Europe.

Collaborating with creative partner İsmet Köroğlu, Bacak plays multifaceted roles in production, art direction, casting, photography, and video direction. Furthermore, he is the founder of “Iconic Storage,” a creative agency specializing in fashion and contemporary dance. In recent endeavors, Bacak has delved into the realm of artificial intelligence projects.

İsmet Köroğlu (b. 1990) earned his degree in the Contemporary Dance Department at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul State Conservatory. His artistic journey has seen him participate as a choreographer and dancer on global art platforms and stages. He is also a prominent dancer at the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet and the Istanbul Modern Dance Ensemble.

In recent years, İsmet Köroğlu has showcased his video and photography performances in group exhibitions. Collaborating with Cihan Bacak, he contributes his expertise to choreography, production, art direction, casting, and directing. Notably, Köroğlu has embarked on a venture into photography and founded the online contemporary dance platform “Dancer Shoots Dancers.”

Together, Cihan Bacak and İsmet Köroğlu have forged a dynamic creative partnership since 2017.



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