Gabriel Vorbon

“Whim” mirrors the effort to find connections to other lives and species in order to be understood.

The uneasy feeling of being away from one’s own kind and not being able to fulfill the need for empathy begins to show itself in other ways. Not being able to speak and being understood paves the way for silent outbursts. Sometimes this manifests itself by waking up screaming from a dream, or sometimes by starting to cry on a bench next to a train station. Our character in this project is far from his society and his own kind, and his mind is begging to be understood. Here we are the spectators of the communication effort that he tries to establish with another genre to express himself. This serie which shot in 2022 by using natural light, is presented to the audience in a dreamy color tones.

Born in 1991, Gabriel Vorbon, graduated from Istanbul Technical University Department of Interior Architecture. He has also studied interior design at Escola Superior De Disseny i D’Arts Plastiques Academy in Barcelona, where he went for Erasmus. Gabriel’s art career developed with his photography assistantship that he started in parallel with his academic education. 

He has created his own artistic style, by nurturing his photography with his architectural and design education. 

His works, which combine fashion and architecture in a cinematographic line, carry a harmonious spirit between geometric forms, body details and movements of living beings. Vorbon’s works have taken part in many group/solo exhibitions such as Istanbul, Barcelona and Rome and have been published in numerous international magazines. He continues his creativity throughout Spain. 



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