Maide A. Petek

Maide Aybala Petek, born in 1988, completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at Vienna Technical University (TU Wien), Department of Architecture, and currently practices as an architect in Istanbul. Blending her expertise in digital design processes with the primitive and naive essence of miniature art, Maide Petek offers a minimalist and symbolic artistic expression that transcends conventional boundaries.

As an artist, she creates across a diverse spectrum of media, including miniatures, watercolors, tiles, and ceramics. Her work intricately weaves together architecture, cinema, literature, and nature, serving as a conduit for conveying both personal and societal histories through a magical realist narrative.

Her series, “Beklentisiz Bekleyiş,” focuses on daydreaming female figures, each highlighting a traditional Turkish art form. Through these portraits, Maide Petek underscores the notion that her characters exist in a state of anticipation, emphasizing that the true essence lies not in the realization of their expectations but in the profound moments and places of their waiting.



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