Metin Ertürk

Metin Ertürk, born in 1989 in Eskişehir, embarked on his artistic journey by studying ceramics, graduating from the Ceramic Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Uşak University, in 2015. His pursuit of excellence led him to the Michel François Porcelain Studio in England in 2013, where he honed his skills in studio pottery. Metin Ertürk currently operates his studio in Istanbul, in addition to teaching pottery wheel courses at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, all while nurturing his artistic growth.

Metin Ertürk’s career boasts numerous accolades, including five awards, participation in both national and international exhibitions, workshops, symposiums, and competitions. In 2016, he achieved a significant milestone with his inaugural solo exhibition in Japan. In 2019, he earned his master’s degree from Hacettepe University, focusing on Terra Sigillata glaze.

His “Emptiness” series is a profound exploration of complex emotional states within the human psyche, inviting viewers on an introspective journey. Ertürk’s art bridges craftsmanship and artistry, breathing new life into local culture with the inspiration of Ancient Greece through Terra Sigillata glaze. The unique language he has developed allows audiences to forge emotional connections with his creations.

The empty spaces within his forms symbolize the depths of the inner world, beckoning viewers to embark on their own emotional odysseys. Referencing ancient red-black Attic vases from Greece, this series produced for Mamut Limited utilizes a primitive firing method, rendering each form singular and irreplicable.



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