Onur Hastürk

Onur Hastürk (born 1983, Mersin) completed his undergraduate education in Traditional Turkish Arts specializing in Illumination Manuscript and Miniature at Marmara University. Subsequently, he earned his master’s degree in Miniature Art from the same institution, where he conducted figure analyses of a 15th-century astrological manuscript titled “Suver-ul Kevakib.”

The artworks featured in Mamut Limited Vol.1 are inspired by his master’s dissertation. In this series, Hastürk delves into the enduring human fascination with astrology and the unknown. Astrology manuscripts, bearing the unique traces of diverse cultures, provide a captivating visual tableau.

Hastürk harnesses the multi-layered richness of zodiac depictions, which mirror the interplay of beliefs and cultures over the centuries. In this editioned production practice, he draws inspiration from the 1582 manuscript “Metali’ü’s-sa’adet.”

Digitizing his handmade illumination manuscripts and marbling artworks, and interweaving them with collage techniques featuring 16th-century miniature art, Hastürk invites viewers to engage in a multi-layered interpretation. Amidst the integration of digital media and artificial intelligence in art production, Hastürk sparks a discourse on the nexus between art and craftsmanship within the very fabric of his creations.

His artistic endeavors encompass a wide array of social and political themes, including the dichotomies of East-West, traditional-contemporary, art-craftsmanship, as well as notions of tradition, belonging, authority, culture, identity, gender, and marginalization.



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