Pelin Kacar

Pelin Kacar is a director and photographer. She graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University’s Cinema & Television and Advertising departments. In 2012, she reached the finals of the 49th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival with her short film, which she made for her graduation project. Her passion for cinema continued alongside her photography career, and her works have been featured in numerous domestic and international magazines. While accelerating her short film and video production, she completed the online shooting of the documentary titled “An Isolated Documentary,” which featured 35 performance artists from 16 different countries during the pandemic period. Emphasizing the importance of the project, a 7-minute mini-documentary titled “An Isolated Documentary Manifesto” was exhibited at the Mamut Art Project. Kacar has been working in the fields of photography, documentary, and film since 2012 and continues to create new projects.


“Phantasmagoria” refers to a sequence of rapidly changing, surreal, and fantastical images, often seen in art, literature, or a vivid imagination. It signifies a dreamlike or hallucinatory state of mind characterized by strange or bizarre imagery. This series of the artist, stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of human-AI collaboration.



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